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BETDAQ – Global Betting Exchange

BETDAQ is a world leader in the new and exciting arena of exchange betting, the fastest growing sector in the global betting industry

BETDAQ, The Betting Exchange now matches over £20 million per week, nearly 50% of which is matched on Horse Racing. With this level of liquidity added to the permanently low low commission rate, BETDAQ users get the best value in the market place.

BETDAQ users get more choice – to back or lay, to take the odds or ask for better, to bet anything from £5 to thousands of pounds. The odds available to BETDAQ users average out at 20% better than those available from traditional betting outlets, with this applying to every event, every day.


Great commision rates

Do you know the facts? Over £20 million matched weekly; great commission rates, £2 minimum bet, Up to 20% better odds, – Can you afford not to look?


Betdaq Account Details

Currencies Accepted: EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, USD
Languages: Chinese – Simple, English
Payment Methods: Credit card, Debit card, bank cheque, cheque sent by mail, bank wire
Min. Deposit: No minimum
Max. Deposit: None
Min. Bet: 2.0 GBP
Max. Bet: No maximum
Range of markets: Good range of sporting markets including American Sports
Deposit Charge:
Maximum Win: No maximum
Tax: 5 percent


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