Slot machines are a classic that we can find in any casino, either in the most renowned of Las Vegas, even of course the new online casinos, this is a game of chance that although it was launched many years ago, it remains as one of the most popular in the world and that undoubtedly gave great fame to Charles Fey, its creator.

The Evolution of Slot Machines

The first slot machine, Slot or slot machine was created, as was already said by Charles Fey, with a fairly simple automatic mechanism, consisting of three rotating reels with five symbols each:

  • The freedom bell.
  • A horseshoe.
  • A diamond.
  • A sword.
  • A heart.

With this design, which undoubtedly was designed to entertain with a game of chance reducing the chances of winning that poker had, automatic payments could be made, this first machine was called “Liberty Bell” and became a great success, giving rise to a great industry that until now pays off.

After this first slot machine many more emerged and the second one was specifically designed by Sittman and Pitt and was based entirely on poker with 5 reels along with 50 cards. The evolution of this game of chance has come to this day, offering us to have fun with them even with the use of the Internet where we can enjoy free online slot machines .

The Types of Slots that Exist

Of course, with its evolution, a large number of types have originated, which we will briefly explain below.

Those of single currency: although they are not frequently found, they still exist, and mainly offer the player to travel to the past to feel the sensation of playing with one of the first machines launched on the market.

The multipliers: this type accepts more than a currency, with a payment ratio that was given according to the number of coins played, which gave players an incentive to play more and more.
Buy-A-Pay: these are easily identified by looking at your payment board. They offer different combinations, depending on the number of coins inserted to play.

With multiple payment lines: these have become increasingly popular and it involves different ways of forming payment lines that differ from the classic payment line in the center where all the reels must be combined.

There are many types of machines where there are progressive, Big Berthas and tactile among others and we are sure that many more will be born, because their evolution is not over yet and we can enjoy them for much longer.