BetSafe Sportsbook Review

Betsafe combines security with competitive odds, a wide range of products and a simple interface. The result is unique in an otherwise equal betting market. We put the customer first, and offer the fastest and best customer support in the market. We prove this by offering a unique 24/7 support guarantee to all of our customers. If an inquiry is not responded by us within 15 minutes, the customer will receive 10, – EURO, without any charge, straight into his/hers betting account.

We also offer a wide range of sporting events from all over the world, and emphasizes greatly on low margins, a wide assortment and high odds on favourites. The odds presented at Betsafe will always be personally compiled by our odds compilers, and Betsafe will in many cases present the odds real early.

We would be really grateful for any contributions from the customers in regards to our products, and we will appreciate suggestions on how to improve our products. Examples could be if you miss odds on a soccer match, or if you have any suggestions in regards to new events. Betsafe will always take your request seriously, and in many occasions grant your wishes. If you are looking for a betting company where everything is gathered at one place, then is the right place for you. It is simple and safe to bet, and everything is taken care of for you to have the best betting experience 24 hours a day.

Up to $500 with NO deposit requirement

Betsafe take their players seriously, and are now introducing a market-leading bonus for up to $500 a month. But that’s not all! There’s no deposit requirement, which makes the bonus even more unique!


Betsafe Account Details

Currencies Accepted: DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD
Languages: Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Payment Methods: Credit card, bank wire
Min. Deposit: 10 EUR
Max. Deposit: Varies
Min. Bet: 0.1 EUR
Max. Bet: Varies
Range of markets:
Deposit Charge:
Maximum Win: Varies
Tax: None


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