Football Betting

Football must be the sport where the most betting options are available.

Ante-Post Bets

Sometimes bookmakers offer each way betting on League Championships, The means that you can bet on a team winning or coming second, third and sometimes fourth in the league. Each way placing will be dependant on the number of teams competing in the league.

Correct Score Betting

As the name suggests this bet allows you to bet on what the final score will be on a particular match, or on a number of matches, at the end of 90 minutes play. The bookmaker will assign odds to differnt outcomes and you need to select the score at the end of 90 minutes play.

Double Result Forecast (Half-Time/Full-Time Betting)

With a double forescast result you need to select the results at Half time and then at full time. e.g Team A is winning at half time then a Draw at full time. A correct prediction will result in the gambler winning.

Goalscorer bets

It is common for bookmakers to have first goalscorer betting. The punter needs to select the person they think will score the first goal in a match. Sometimes there are markets available on people scoring hatricks in a match or scoring at anytime during a match.

Goal Crazy

Predict the total number of goals to be scored during 90 minutes of play from the following 3 options:-

0 or 1
2 or 3
4 or more

Scorecasts (First Player to Score and Correct Score)

To win you must successfully forecast both the player who will score the first goal in a selected match and also the correct score after 90 minutes play.

Scorecasts are usually available on all matches where Correct Score and First Player to Score odds are quoted.

Goalcast Rules

Predict the first two players to score, in either order. For example, if you bet ‘Beckham/Owen’ then you win if

a) Beckham scores first and Owen scores second
b) Owen scores first and Beckham scores second


One of your selections must score first for the bet to win.

If there is only one goal in the game, your bet is a loser, unless you have bet on ‘Less than two goals scored’.

Total goals odd or even

This is a bet on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be an odd or an even number. For the purposes of this bet extra-time and penalties do not count. Only goals scored in normal time count.

If the total number of goals in a game is zero (i.e. the final score is 0 – 0) then “Even” is considered the winning selection.

Bookings Index

Predict the total value of bookings in the match. A yellow card is worth 10 points and a red card is 25 points – a maximum of 35 points can be awarded per player. The typical options at the start of play are:

20 points or under
Between 21 and 40 points
Over 40 points

Number of Corners

Predict how many corners there will be during the match. The typical starting values are:

Under 10
Between 10 and 12
Over 12

Last team to score

Predict which team will score the last goal in a match. Normally own goals count for this market – eg Liverpool are playing Newcastle and the last goal is an own goal scored by a Newcastle defender. Liverpool are awarded the goal, so Liverpool would be the winner in the ‘Last team to score’ market.

Time of first goal

Sometime bookmakers offer odds on the time of the first goal scorred. Ranges will be given and the punter needs to predict the time limit in which the goal will be scored.

Limits may be between
0-10 minutes
11-20 minutes
21-30 minutes
31-40 minutes and so on

The 1st minute of the game is from 1 second to 59 seconds. The 2nd minute is from 1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds and so on.

So, for example, if you have bet on the first goal to be scored between 11 and 20 minutes and a goal is scored at 20 minutes 49 seconds, your bet is a loser as this falls in to the 21 to 20 minutes limit.


This market allows you to bet on five possible outcomes in a football game – either team to score first and win, either team to score first and not win or for the game to be goal-less.

If the first goal scored is an own-goal, it counts for the team credited with the goal

Double Chance

This market allows you to bet on two of the three outcomes in a given football match. So, for example, if Hearts are playing Hibs, you can bet on Hearts and the draw, Hibs and the draw, or Hearts and Hibs to win.

To receive first card

Betting on who will recieve the first card yellow or red is available. Each way betitng on this is available as well so payouts will be made ont he first 3 cards given ot in a match if bet each way.