Poker Hands

The following is a list of Poker Hands ranked from the best hand at the top to the worst one at the bottom.

Royal Flush
The daddy of all hands. A Royal Flush is a straight Flush invoving the 10, Jack, Queed, King and Ace.

Straight Flush
A Straight with all the cards in the same suit.

Four of A Kind
Four cards of the same rank. ie four queens

Full House
A combination of 2 pair and three of a kind

Five cards of the same suit

Five cards in sequential order. e.g 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 . An ace can be used as high and low

Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same rank ie 6’s

Two Pair
Two sets of two cards of the same rank. ie 2 x 7s and 2 x 9s

Two cards of the same rank. ie 2 queens

High Card
The highest ranked card is an ace and the ranking runs all the way down to a 2.