Tips for beginners

10 top tips for beginners

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are playing at the tables.

– Always try to be aware of what the best hand on the table could be.

– It is better to play fewer hands but to bet and raise when you do.

– Remember that even top hole cards are beatable. If you can see from the community cards that a lot of other hands can beat your pair of Aces, fold.

– With 2 suited hole cards, you`ll still only catch a flush 6% of the time.

– Avoid bluffing until you really know the game well.

– Don`t overate a small pair. Fold if a high card comes and everyone is betting.

– Don`t overrate high cards either. A king-6, even suited, is a weak starting hand.

– Look for fuller tables with lots of players.

– Stick to smaller stakes tables for a long time. Don`t get cocky!!

– Relax and have fun. Sure there`s money involved, but you should come out of the came -win or lose- looking forward to the next one