Spread Betting Guide

How does it work?

Football Supremacy
This is a market predicting a teams dominance over their opposition. Our experts will attempt to predict how many more goals any given team will score against their opponents.
Example: We might make Arsenal favourites to beat Tottenham by 0.1-0.4 goals. Therefore if you think Arsenal will win you would go high (BUY) at 0.4 for the stake of your choice, in this case, ?50 a goal. If Arsenal were to win the game 4-1, their winning margin (make-up) would be 3 goals. Had you bought at 0.4 you would have made 2.6 times your stake. 2.6 x ?50 = ?130 But if Tottenham had won 1-0, the same bet would have lost you 1.4 times your stake. 1.4 x ?50 = -?70

Horse Racing Favourites Index
How will the favourites perform in each race at a particular meeting? A winning favourite is awarded 25 points, a second place 10 points and a third place 5 points. In the event of a race starting with joint favourites, we take the favourite as being the horse with the lower racecard number.
Example At an Ascot jumps meeting, our favourites quote might be 56 – 60 points. If you had a good look at the form and decided that the favourites should perform better than we predicted you would go high (buy) at 60 for ?5. In the end two of the favourites won, two came second while one ran on into third. On the basis of our scoring system, the result (make up) was 75. Had you bought at 60 you would have won 15 times your stake. 15 x ?2 = ?30

There are many other markets available on many sports so wht not have a look and bet with a difference.